Examples of good designs

What are the 6 important factors in good document design

Firstly, you have to make a good first impression so that it will catch the attention of the viewers. You need to choose a proper use of colours and not try to make everything jump out. Keep it simple. Avoid using too many animations or gadgets.

Create a clear navigation structure and organise page elements in grid fashion. Choose simple fonts, fonts size and colours so that it is easy to read for the viewers. You should also maintain consistency with the use of images and text so that it will flow nicely from page to page.

Choose the right images to describe the product and do not try to put images that are not relevant. Lastly, make it accessible so that your viewers can access without having much problem searching for it.

What sorts of things should a writer consider before putting ‘pen to paper’

A writer should consider who his/her audiences are. As Petelin & Putnis (1996) write, “It is essential that you know why you are writing and what your readers hope to find”. They go on to explore a number of writing theories that could easily be studied and analysed by a writer before they begin their own work. Two of these theories are the cognitive process theory and the social constructivist theory. The cognitive process theory involves the writer’s “composing process” and deals with “thinking, inventing, conceptualising, remembering, and developing”.